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Spelling Lists Can be Fun and Engaging

Spelling … it was and still isn’t my strong suit. As a 7 year old, I can remember sitting in my desk and trying to memorize words. At the time, I wasn’t learning my words using phonics. I was just memorizing. Over and over again each week, I would memorize the spelling list. Needless to say, this was boring and now looking back, not a very effective way to learn how to spell. I wish I had a spelling program that was fun and hands on, so that I would have retained what I was learning. The Crafty Classroom has designed just that. Their Superstar Spelling Curriculum will transform your weekly spelling lessons.

How Every Student Can Learn Math with Teaching Textbooks (Review)

The question I get lots from other homeschool moms is “How do I teach math when I struggle with math and math wasn’t my favourite subject at school”. Finding a curriculum that explains math concepts using techniques that are easy to understand is key. Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 from Teaching Textbooks is an app based curriculum that I highly recommend for all types of learners, ones who struggle in math and need lots of instruction.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review

There are links in this post that are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission for your sale (at no charge to you). This is one way I am able to cover the costs of this blog and continue to offer you great content. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.  I […]

CrossTimber Name Bookmarks

Meaningful and personalized gifts are always special and can be treasured for years. CrossTimber offers several kinds of personalized name products. We received five of their Name Bookmarks and the AmazingName Print Activity Sheets.  These personalized products from CrossTimber make great gifts for all ages.  CrossTimber Name Bookmarks Everyone can use a bookmark.  The personalized Name […]

A Kids Radio Station – Smart Kidz Radio Review

One of the struggles in our world today is finding appropriate content for children that you can trust. Prior to reviewing Smart Kidz Radio, I was having trouble finding a kids radio program with music and educational content that was appropriate for our entire family. Smart Kidz Media has developed an entertaining and educational radio […]