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Watching the Storm Arrive. #ranching #ranchinglife #ranchingphotography
Homeschool Complete Curriculum Review. #unitstudy #homeschoolcurriculum #homeschoolcomplete

Homeschool Complete Curriculum Review

Kindergarten Complete is an all-inclusive unit-study curriculum from Homeschool Complete.  It is entirely planned out so that you, the teacher, can easily and effectively teach your child. It allows you to feel confident in your lessons by including the daily lessons, organization and planning suggestions.  The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. You can then […]

Calving Season Begins

Calving Season has arrived on our ranch. Some years, it starts fast and other years it starts slowly. This year, the calves slowly arrived for the first 7 days and then we got into the full swing! Vaccinations A couple weeks before calving, we bring the cowherd in to get them organized for calving. We […]

How We Use IXL In Our Homeschool (Review)

If you are looking for peace of mind that you child is achieving their necessary milestones, IXL is a great addition to your homeschool. No matter the learning style that you are using in your homeschool, it can be very useful for helping you evaluate what skills your child is excelling at and where they […]

How We Use CattleMax for Record Keeping

Cattle records, what kind of records would you keep on cattle? On our ranch, we have a purebred and commercial herd.  With purebred herds there is always more of a record keeping requirement; therefore, we decided to also keep detailed records on our commercial herd so that we are managing all of our cattle the […]

Ranch Life: Morning Chores in the Winter

Today, we woke up to about 5 inches of fresh snow and sunshine!  I have to admit, it was nice to see some snow.  Between breaking records for being so warm in December and having very little snow, this now feels a little bit more like winter.  Fresh snow means we get to shovel during […]