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Day in the Life – February 2018
Add This One To Your List of Romantic Movies

Why We Are Using Worksheets from

If you are looking for an amazing resource of worksheets, would be perfect for you.  I was luckily enough to have the opportunity to review the Help Teaching Pro subscription from  There are so many wonderful resources that come with this yearly subscription, including tests and worksheets, a worksheet generator, online lessons and […]

Add This One To Your List of Romantic Movies

I am definitely a fan of romantic movies and I am sure many of you are as well! Recently I was provided the opportunity to review Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures. It is a great family romance movie that discusses the struggles of young relationships and how family can help youth get through these difficult […]

Bedtime Routine of a Mom with Boys

The bedtime routine of a mom with boys is not always easy as it can be frustrating, chaotic and sometimes entertaining.  Try to remember that the little moments can be forgotten easily, so treasure the time together no matter how tired you are. Our Bedtime Routine on a Crazy Day You know you are a […]

Steps to Halter Breaking a Calf

Halter breaking calves can be challenging and very rewarding at the same time. We like to halter break all of our bull calves and show calves, but in the past we have also halter broke our heifer calves sometimes.  Take a look at our Day in the Life in February to see how we fit […]

Spring is in the Air

Spring is finally starting to arrive! Today was the first day that we started to see some puddles in the barnyard which means I get to wash snowsuits every night! Children definitely love to jump (and fall) in puddles! On the ranch, the change of seasons, and more specifically, the daily weather has a significant […]