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Progeny Press The Drinking Gourd

Progeny Press Review

We have enjoyed Progeny Press Study Guides in the past, so we were excited to review The Drinking Gourd Study Guide from Progeny Press.  This study guide is excellent for teaching about slaves, freedom, truth and justice.  The Drinking Gourd Study Guide The Drinking Gourd is a short story about a boy named Tommy who […]

A Useful Timeline Collection (Review)

In our home, hands-on learning is key. The Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures from Home School in the Woods has been a huge success for us.  We thoroughly enjoy being able to tie in learning with hands-on activities using these timeline figures.   The timeline figures in this collection can be easily […]

A Review of R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook Gr. 1 from Crafty Classroom

If you are looking for a learn to read curriculum that includes everything you need to teach your child, the R.E.A.D Curriculum Notebook Gr. 1 from Crafty Classroom is a great choice! Crafty Classroom offers fun, creative resources for children from pre-K to Grade 3. We were fortunate to receive a digital copy of R.E.A.D Curriculum […]

Learn to Piano Lessons Online for Free (Review)

We have been thoroughly enjoying learning to play the keyboard using Simply Music.  This free program, Music & Creativity – Foundation Course, is taught by Neil Moore.  It teaches your child to learn how to create music without learning to read music.  This free course includes an introductory quickstart lesson and 19 regular lessons.  The […]

A Review of a Fun and Engaging Math Program

Math can be a dreaded subject for some children so to be able to find an engaging program can be all that you need to encourage your child to enjoy learning math.   Matific Galxay is a fun online math program that encourages children to enjoy practising their math skills. We thoroughly enjoyed review a […]